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Autumn Newsletter 2020

Term Dates

Autumn Term 7.9.20-20.12.20

Half term 26.10.20-1.11.20


We would like to thank all students and their parents for the support during this pandemic. It has been a challenging time for all and it has been lovely to have the AFDance family there from a distance in one way or another to pick us up, entertain us and keep us going! We simply can’t wait to see you all in a safe way back at classes.


Whole school show

We have a provisional date of January 31st booked. We will be communicating with the Roses as the situation develops to see what will be put in place if we are in a position to be able to put on a show due to the current climate. We will keep you all posted and ask for your patience on this matter.


Updated policies and procedures

Please read and take note of all the very important updates to our policies and procedures for attending class. These can be found on our website and will be emailed to parents personally.


New Venue

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of moving all our classes to the new extension at the Wheatpieces community centre GL20 7SP. We are aiming for all classes to be here for the start of the Autumn term on Monday 7th September!

This new venue has so many positives it is hard to write them all down and I am sure you will all appreciate them once we finally get into the studio and you can experience them for yourselves! Pictures will be on their way soon.

AFDance will have 1 base to operate from which makes following all our new Covid secure practices so much easier for all. There will be ample storage for our equipment & parking for all. The venue is obviously newly built so has great facilities such as its own individual air con. There is a waiting/ ‘chill out’ area where students can remain socially distant and sanitise as parents can drop off prior to class. There is a second door directly from the studio to outside which will be our collection point after class for parents to collect students enabling us to have a safe 1way system reducing unnecessary interaction of too many people during this time. There will be easy access to a kitchen area and WC for students and teachers. Once this pandemic is over Parents will be able to relax in the ‘chill out’ area and make a cuppa! There will also be the reassuring safety of newly fitted touch pad locks on the doors. We hope you are as excited as we are.


We realise that the current climate with Covid-19 is very challenging for all and often changing daily. AFDance are here to support our students and their families. Please do keep in touch with any concerns and keep us posted of any health situations when necessary. AFDance will be working on close communication to keep parents informed of any changes in situations that should arise.


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