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AFDance live online classes via zoom

Spring Half term – March 1st-28th classes

Easter Holidays no classes 29th March-18th April (we may shorten this if we are able to return to face to face classes).


We would like to thank all students and their parents for the support during this pandemic.



Please ensure your child arrives in outdoor shoes. Students can then change into dance shoes in the drop off area. Students are to carry their outdoor shoes into the dance studio so at the end of the class they can be put back on to leave via the collection point. This will help us ensure an efficient change over between students in classes. Thank you.


Mobile Phones

Just a reminder we ask if you need to bring a mobile phone to class please have it switched off or on silent in your bag and no photography or filming from anyone other than an AFDance member of staff if permitted, due to safeguarding issues.



As we have had a number of new students join and old students grow out of their dance clothes, we would like to make everyone aware of our second-hand uniform group on facebook. Just search AFDance 2nd hand uniform. Uniform can also be purchased form our website


Parent drop off

Please do not enter the community centre unless you are with a child who needs your assistance. For our younger classes we do have a teaching assistant who will supervise and aid any students who need.

Please ensure you are wearing masks and maintaining social distancing at all times.


We hope you all manage to have a lovely Christmas.


We realise that the current climate with Covid-19 is very challenging for all and often changing daily. AFDance are here to support our students and their families. Please do keep in touch with any concerns and keep us posted of any health situations when necessary. AFDance will be working on close communication to keep parents informed of any changes in situations that should arise.

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