A Night at the Movies

31st January 2021


We  have a provisional date rebooked for January 31st 2021. We will keep you informed how this progresses and any plans.

List of show dances

The Greatest showman – Acro , Bronze, Silver & Gold Jazz- Act 1

Charlie and the chocolate factory –Ballet -Pre-primary(sweets), Primary(sweets), Grade 1 ( oompa loompas)& 2 ballet(oompa loompas & Children Characters) Sophie Davis, Ella Davies, Jodie Wadey, Kate Bashford, Bethany Philpott, Carys Mills ( Grown up Characters)- Act 1

Jurassic park & E.T. – Ballet-Grade 3 ,4 ,5 ballet and demi/pointe Wednesday class – Act 1

Schindler’s list – Ballet-Grade 6&inter ballet and pointe Thursday class- Act 1

Home Alone -  pre-school creative dance ( this is in act 1 but they only need to attend their separate creative rehearsals)

Spirited Away- Junior competition team- Act2

Lala Land – singing Kate Bashford, Ella Davies, Lily Blackburn, Beth Philpott, Lilia Morley, Natasha Wadey – Act 2

Hunger Games – Contemporary – Act 2

Ice Age – Grade 1,2,3 Modern- Act 2

Despicable Me & The Minions – Modern-Grade 4(Minions),5( Minions & Characters),interfoundation & inter modern( Bad Characters) – Act 2

Trolls – Primary & Grade 1 Tap – Act 3

Shrek – Grade 2 & 3 Tap – Act 3

Marvel Heroes – Grade 4 Tap – Act 3

Ghostbusters – Grade 5 & Advanced 1 Tap – Act 3

Harry Potter  - Junior and Senior competition team & Fitness – Act 3

All students are invited to go onto the stage at the end of the show to be in the Finale for a bow this will be to music from Dirty Dancing.







Make up – Preschoolers & boys if they wish- blusher

All other students – Blusher, pale light blue eyeshadow. Small eyeliner. Red lipstick. Mascara for older students. ( If you wish for your child not to wear makeup please inform us in advance so backstage team can be informed.)


Hair- all female students please have hair in a bun

Shoes, tights and socks list(-please name everything!!!)

Please ensure you have the correct items for your child’s dance-they are available to purchase from school website. https://afs.mydancestore.co.uk/

All students will need a pair of slip on shoes and a zip jumper/cardigan/coat that can easily put worn over a costume and taken off and on without messing up hair/makeup.



Creatives – pink ballet socks and ballet shoes


Pre-primary and primary sweets – pink ballet socks and  ballet shoes


Grade 1&2 oompa ooompas and characters –pink ballet tights and ballet shoes


Grade 345 ballet tights, ballet satins and ribbons( additional pointe shoes if agreed)


Grade 6 and inter ballet tights and pointe shoes




Grade 123 tan tights and bare feet - a slip on pair of shoes to wear to side of stage.


Grade 4,5,interf & inter - black jazz shoes. Beth Philpott tan tights.



Grade primary &1 –tan tights black tap shoes,

Grade 2&3 tan tights and black tap shoes

Grade 4 tan tights and black tap shoes

Grade 5 & adv1- black tap shoes- ghost busters need black leggings and black leotards underneath onesie.


All Jazz- black jazz shoes.

Acro – black jazz shoes.


Harry Potter all – black jazz shoes

Juniors only- black /dark coloured school tights.

Seniors only- black leotard & black leggings


Contemporary- bare feet & tan tights

Lala land -tan tights, black jazz shoes- black shorts provided.


Spirited away- tan tights, satin ballet shoes with elastics.


 AFDance provide all other costumes unless prearranged. You will need to bring a pair of slip on shoes for backstage going up and down stairs and to and from the scout hut. We also advice a zip jumper/cardigan/coat that can be worn over a costume without messing up hair and makeup.


You will be emailed closer to the show with further information / reminders about the timings and running of the day.

We hope you are all excited to put together what should be a great entertaining show and create some fabulous memories.

© 2013 by Amy Flynn School of Dance