A Night at the Movies

29th March 2020

Show rehearsals

Harry Potter rehearsals

Tuesday 4th Feb

7.05pm-fitness class only-fitness

7.45pm- senior competition class only-charity gala rehearsal

Tuesday 11th Feb, 25th Feb, 3rd March,10th March,

7.05pm –Fitness class only - fitness

7.45pm-8.25pm senior competition class(snake Ella,Poppy and Ava stay till 8pm)- harry potter

Tuesdays 17th & 24th March

7.05pm Harry Potter rehearsal whole cast Juniors & seniors (juniors this is not compulsory if it is too late in the evening.)

7.45pm fitness class only-fitness


We hope your child is looking forward  to take part in AFDance whole school show at the Roses Theatre Tewkesbury 29th March 2020. Have you got your tickets from the Roses box office yet?

List of show dances

The Greatest showman – Acro , Bronze, Silver & Gold Jazz- Act 1

Charlie and the chocolate factory –Ballet -Pre-primary(sweets), Primary(sweets), Grade 1 ( oompa loompas)& 2 ballet(oompa loompas & Children Characters) Sophie Davis, Ella Davies, Jodie Wadey, Kate Bashford, Bethany Philpott, Carys Mills ( Grown up Characters)- Act 1

Jurassic park & E.T. – Ballet-Grade 3 ,4 ,5 ballet and demi/pointe Wednesday class – Act 1

Schindler’s list – Ballet-Grade 6&inter ballet and pointe Thursday class- Act 1

Home Alone -  pre-school creative dance ( this is in act 1 but they only need to attend their separate creative rehearsals)

Spirited Away- Junior competition team- Act2

Lala Land – singing Kate Bashford, Ella Davies, Lily Blackburn, Beth Philpott, Lilia Morley, Natasha Wadey – Act 2

Hunger Games – Contemporary – Act 2

Ice Age – Grade 1,2,3 Modern- Act 2

Despicable Me & The Minions – Modern-Grade 4(Minions),5( Minions & Characters),interfoundation & inter modern( Bad Characters) – Act 2

Trolls – Primary & Grade 1 Tap – Act 3

Shrek – Grade 2 & 3 Tap – Act 3

Marvel Heroes – Grade 4 Tap – Act 3

Ghostbusters – Grade 5 & Advanced 1 Tap – Act 3

Harry Potter  - Junior and Senior competition team & Fitness – Act 3

All students are invited to go onto the stage at the end of the show to be in the Finale for a bow this will be to music from Dirty Dancing.




We have been rehearsing these dances alongside usual class work in classes from January 6th.

There will also be some extra rehearsals and these will be kept to a minimum…please see below….

Classes that can combine rehearsals from March only

The following classes can attend each other’s lessons for extra practice for the show from the start of March- no extra cost. This is not compulsory and we understand you may not be available at these times, but as the students in these classes will be performing together it would help if they can come along to attend a few of each other’s classes to rehearse together where possible leading up to the show. We have seen in the past it helps make the students feel more confident, as well as the running of the whole run through rehearsal and dress rehearsal much smoother.


Primary tap Mondays 4.25-5.05pm Tewkesbury school DT Block

& Primary Tap Saturdays 11.40-12.20pm Tewkesbury school dance studio

& grade 1 tap Saturdays 1-1.40pm Tewkesbury school dance studio


Grade 2 Tap Mondays 5.45pm – 5.25pm Tewkesbury school Drama Hall

&Grade 3 Tap Mondays 6.25-7.05pm Tewkesbury school Drama Hall


Grade 5 Tap Wednesdays 5.45-6.25pm Tewkebsury school Drama Hall

&Advanced 1 tap Wednesdays 7.45-8.25pm Tewkesbury school Drama Hall


Grade 1 Modern Tuesdays 5.05-5.45pm Wheatpieces community centre

& Grade 2 Modern Mondays 5.05-5.45pm Tewkesbury school Drama Hall  

& Grade 3 Modern which is held at the same time as Grade 2 Modern will join them in the Drama Hall.


Grade 4 Modern Mondays 7.07-7.45pm Tewkesbury school Drama Hall

& Grade 5 Modern Wednesdays 5.45-6.25pm Tewkesbury school Drama Hall

& Interfoundation Modern  Wednesdays 7.07-7.45pm Tewkesbury school Drama Hall

& Inter Modern Mondays 7.45-8.25pm Tewkesbury school Drama Hall

Please could all students in despicable me(grade 4,5,interf & inter) attend a rehearsal on Monday 16th March 7.05-7.45pm Tewkesbury school drama hall


Pre-primary Ballet Tuesdays 3.45-4.25pm Wheatpieces community centre

 & Pre-primary Ballet Saturdays 10.10-10.50am Tewkesbury school Drama Hall

& Primary Ballet Saturdays 11-11.40am Tewkesbury school Dance Studio

& Primary Ballet Tuesdays 4.25-5.05pm Wheatpieces community centre


Grade1 Ballet Tuesdays 5.45-6.25pm Wheatpieces community centre

& Grade 1 Ballet Saturdays 12.20-1pm Tewkesbury school Dance studio

& Grade 2 Ballet Tuesdays 6.25-7.05pm Wheatpieces community centre


Grade 3,4,5 Ballet & demi/pointe class will be combining for the show dance, however, we understand some students may have a clash with other lessons if they were to try to attend all these lessons on Wednesdays so we ask please could all students in Grade 3,4,5 ballet when possible, from March, attend the demi/pointe class so hopefully we can have all students together in this class.

If possible they are still welcome to attend the other lessons too.

All held in Tewkesbury school DT Block Wednesdays

Grade 3 Ballet 5.45-6.25pm

Demi/pointe class 6.25-7.07pm

Grade 4 Ballet 7.05-7.45pm

Grade 5 Ballet 7.45-8.25pm



All held Thursdays Tewkesbury School Drama Hall

Grade 6 Ballet 6.25-7.05pm

Senior Pointe 7.05-7.45pm

Inter Ballet 7.45-8.25pm


Junior competition Group, Fitness & senior competition group will all be combining for the show dance. You have already been emailed this schedule.


All jazz students are welcome to attend eachothers lessons

Bronze Jazz Fridays 6.25-7.05pm Tewkesbury school Gym

Silver Jazz Fridays 5.05-5.45pm Tewkesbury school Gym

Gold Jazz Fridays 5.45-6.25pm Tewkesbury school Gym


Please can all students in the greatest showman attend the below rehearsals(acro and all jazz classes)

5.45-6.25pm March 13th & 20th Tewkesbury school gym.



Full Run Through Rehearsal- please all attend

21st March Tewkesbury school Dance Studio

Students must be signed in and out by an adult

Creatives 2-2.30pm

Act 1 2.30-3.30pm

Act 2 3.30-4.30pm

Act3 4.30-5.30pm






Make up – Preschoolers & boys if they wish- blusher

All other students – Blusher, pale light blue eyeshadow. Small eyeliner. Red lipstick. Mascara for older students. ( If you wish for your child not to wear makeup please inform us in advance so backstage team can be informed.)


Hair- all female students please have hair in a bun

Shoes, tights and socks list(-please name everything!!!)

Please ensure you have the correct items for your child’s dance-they are available to purchase from school website. https://afs.mydancestore.co.uk/

All students will need a pair of slip on shoes and a zip jumper/cardigan/coat that can easily put worn over a costume and taken off and on without messing up hair/makeup.



Creatives – pink ballet socks and ballet shoes


Pre-primary and primary sweets – pink ballet socks and  ballet shoes


Grade 1&2 oompa ooompas and characters –pink ballet tights and ballet shoes


Grade 345 ballet tights, ballet satins and ribbons( additional pointe shoes if agreed)


Grade 6 and inter ballet tights and pointe shoes




Grade 123 tan tights and bare feet - a slip on pair of shoes to wear to side of stage.


Grade 4,5,interf & inter - black jazz shoes. Beth Philpott tan tights.



Grade primary &1 –tan tights black tap shoes,

Grade 2&3 tan tights and black tap shoes

Grade 4 tan tights and black tap shoes

Grade 5 & adv1- black tap shoes- ghost busters need black leggings and black leotards underneath onesie.


All Jazz- black jazz shoes.

Acro – black jazz shoes.


Harry Potter all – black jazz shoes

Juniors only- black /dark coloured school tights.

Seniors only- black leotard & black leggings


Contemporary- bare feet & tan tights

Lala land -tan tights, black jazz shoes- black shorts provided.


Spirited away- tan tights, satin ballet shoes with elastics.


 AFDance provide all other costumes unless prearranged. You will need to bring a pair of slip on shoes for backstage going up and down stairs and to and from the scout hut. We also advice a zip jumper/cardigan/coat that can be worn over a costume without messing up hair and makeup.


You will be emailed closer to the show with further information / reminders about the timings and running of the day.

We hope you are all excited to put together what should be a great entertaining show and create some fabulous memories.

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